Maddox Energy Limited

Feature Category: Maddox

Mechanical/Process Works

◦ Piping Spools, Manifolds, Pipelines for land, Swamp and Offshore locations, Installation of Process Equipment, Gas Compression Stations and Flowstations.
◦ Fabrication/ Erection of Storage Tanks and pressure Vessels
◦ Surface Preparation and Painting
◦ Storage Tank Cleaning

Structural Steel Works

◦ Fabrication of Steel Building, Steel Barges, House Boats and Storage Tanks.
◦ Skids, Boats langing, Riser Clamps, Jackets and Decks, etc.

Electrical and Instrumentation Works

◦ Power generation and distribution
◦ Sub-station and erection of Transmission Lines
◦ Fire and Gas detection systems
◦ Wellhead power and control systems
◦ Supply of light tools, valves, fittings, spools etc.
◦ Supply of safety products.